Cops Visit Rajasthan MLAs' Resort In Haryana, Return After 20-Minute Wait

Cops Visit Rajasthan MLAs' Resort In Haryana, Return After 20-Minute Wait

A team of Rajasthan Police went to a resort in Haryana's Manesar this evening, which is apparently hosting some of the MLAs supporting Sachin Pilot, the leader at the heart of the crisis in the Rajasthan Congress. But the gates of the Best Western Resort did not open and the police team was seen leaving after waiting for nearly 20 minutes.

This was the second time in three days that the Rajasthan Police made a beeline for a resort where the MLAs are said to be staying. On Friday evening, they had to return empty-handed from the ITC Bharat Grand. Later, they said the Haryana Police did not cooperate with them.
 Rajasthan Police - which is investigating the allegations of horse-trading to bring down the Ashok Gehlot government - said they had gone to get a voice sample of Bhanwar Lal Sharma on Friday.  The Congress had alleged that the rebel MLA has been caught on tape discussing bribes from the BJP.

But for more than an hour, the Haryana police were seen blocking the Rajasthan police vehicle outside the hotel. When they were finally allowed in, the Rajasthan police stayed only for a few minutes.

This time, the Haryana Police was present at the spot, but they did not interrupt the Rajasthan Police.

Mr Pilot and 18 of his MLAs have been staying at two resorts in Manesar since he openly rebelled against his party and was seen as a threat to the Ashok Gehlot government last week.

The feud between Mr Pilot and his boss escalated after he was summoned for questioning by the police. Last week, Mr Gehlot said he has evidence of Mr Pilot's involvement in the BJP conspiracy and deal making to bring down the government where he was the Deputy Chief Minister.

The Congress has stripped Mr Pilot of the posts he held within the party and the government, but there have been offers of rapprochement.

Sources said Mr Pilot has been holding out for the Chief Minister's post. He has also taken the Congress to court for its move to disqualify him and his 18 loyalist MLAs.

A disqualification is expected to bring down the majority mark in the 200-member assembly. Mr Gehlot has claimed he has the support of 109 MLAs.

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