In Handling Sachin Pilot, Congress High Command Has Been Shrewd

When Sachin Pilot first rebelled against Ashok Gehlot, the issues seemed vaguely discernible. Pilot said that he had been humiliated and snubbed by the Chief Minister and was not going to take it any longer.
According to Congress mediators and the journalists he spoke to, Pilot wanted some assurances that he would be made Chief Minister after a suitable interval and that he would lead the party into the next assembly election.
This did not seem so unreasonable but apparently, Pilot also wanted a public declaration to this effect, which would amount to humiliating Gehlot - which the Congress leadership was unwilling to do.

But Pilot also gave the Congress a compelling reason to mollify him. He had the support of many MLAs, he said (at one stage, his camp claimed 30 MLAs). If the Congress did not agree to his demands, he could bring the government down.
This threat, along with the support of a sympathetic media which portrayed him as a potential Congress President who was being forced out to secure Rahul Gandhi's position, was enough to worry the Congress.

Artical - Akash Yadav